Setting up Docker & Bitbucket Pipelines


Welcome to part 3 of the series! In this instalment we’ll be setting up a Cloud SQL proxy for local database development, configuring our app to run in a Docker environment and setting up Bitbucket pipelines.

Let’s get started!

Cloud SQL Proxy

Now that all our infrastructure is provisioned, we can make a small efficiency improvement around how we handle local database development. Google allows us to test Cloud SQL databases locally using their Cloud SQL Proxy. It’s really easy to setup so let’s dive in.

Create a new file at the root of your project named…

Setting up Google Cloud & Terraform


Welcome to part 2 of the series. In this installment, we’ll be provisioning our Google Cloud infrastructure using Terraform.

Similar to part 1, I won’t be going into too much depth explaining any of the technology used. There are plenty of articles and tutorials out there that go into great depth for all the technology used in this series. I will provide relevant links where appropriate.

Let’s get started.

Google Cloud Platform

Firstly we need to set up a new project on GCP that will handle creating all our resources when requested by Terraform. …

Setting Up Locally

Photo by Aleksejs Bergmanis on Pexels


Throughout this series we’ll be setting up the building blocks of what I would consider to be a very robust web development infrastructure. There will be lots of optimisations to be made within each of the technology choices I make but the deeper you go, the more opinionated it becomes. Consider what we build here to be the foundations of a performant, scalable and cost efficient web architecture. Where you take it from there is entirely in your hands. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the technology stack we’ll be using throughout the series:

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